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1975 Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

May 08, 2012 by Gregg G - 10/28/2010
Car Model: 1975 Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 

Gran Turismo recently rebuilt the motor in my 365 gt4 2+2, top and bottom end, addressed the second gear synchro in my transmission, fixed the rear diff, and those are just the big ticket items. The list goes on. The 365 needed some TLC (as most do, unfortunately) and now she runs like a champ. It was expressly because of Brett’s passion for the marquee and the model that I shipped my car from New Jersey to Alliston to have Gran Turismo do the work that was needed. I would do it again, without hesitation. Hopefully that drives the point home sufficiently enough. I know that Gran Turismo does great work and is passionate about keeping these great cars on the road.

I must acknowledge, with extreme gratitude, the dedication and hard work exhibited by Brett, Scott and John at Gran Turismo. We, more correctly, they went through and reworked and/or rebult, as necessary, the entire power train from the engine back to rear diff, as well as updated/fixed/tweaked a myriad of other items that required attention along the way. Suffice it to say that the scope of work expanded beyond what I and they had initially envisioned, but the end result was nothing short of driving perfection—all accomplished with attention to budgetary limits related to the tasks at hand. I’d also like to add that while having the work progress at a distance of greater than 1000km from where I reside, one would assume that this could result in some logistical issues. Brett and Co. were always available and responsive to all my requests for updates, etc., which greatly helped to bridge the distance. Brett even took the time to escort me to the border, a 500km trip.
I can’t thank them enough.
Gregg G, 1975 365 GT4 2+2
Big thanks to GRANTURISMOAUTO in Alliston

1974 Dino 308 GT4

May 08, 2012 by Favian
Car Model: 1974 Dino 308 GT4 

Some of you may know that I had a really odd and rare gear box failure last October. The input shaft sheared, almost in half.

After a whole bunch of work myself, it was time to pull the engine and send it off to Gran Turismo in Alliston. As I have said before when my car was there for other unrelated service, Brett and his guys did an amazing job at a great price.

Well things are even better up in Alliston with his new guys added to the shop.

Brett himself an avid Ferrari dude, went WAY WAY WAY above and beyond, sourcing parts, carting my car back and forth a few times so I could work on it while he had the engine, and just putting up with my incessant calling.

Eddy and Jay, the guys who worked on the car, know their ****! Eddy used to work on these 308's when they were new! They are great guys who love their job.

All of them did amazing work, and again the price, I'm not going to get into specifics, but I am still in shock of what they did for me. I really can't thank them enough.

Honestly these guys are not jaded about their jobs, and their passion for the marquee is real. Just go have a bite to eat or a drink with Brett, it's Ferrari this and Ferrari that, definetly he is in the right business.

Oh and there is absolutely no drama or bull****, just plain good old car fixin

Thanks again guys!

And to those who are considering going with Gran Turismo, don't think twice... just do it.

Favian, 03/09/2011

1988 Ferrari Mondial 3.2

May 08, 2012 by Andrew- 10/28/2010
Car Model: 1988 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 

I had my Mondial serviced by Gran Turismo in Aliston this summer. (Learned about them from FChat). It was an Exceptional service experience.

I have had my mint 88 Mondial cab for 6 years (bought through Sergio at the old Auto forum, the car was in unusually good condition), and do my own work on the car as a hobby, but for various reasons was time for some things to be done by someone else. Specifically, had all belts, bearings done, water pump, clutch, and various fuel and coolant hoses. I had opportunistically acquired some parts over time intending to do things myself, they had no problem using my parts (including fuel line kits courtesy of Scuderia Rampante as discovered through FChat). Using appropriate judgment they also informed me of the need to skim the flywheel and caught a clutch slave cylinder on the margin of failure. Combined with the door to door trailer service, and the car being brought back as spotless as it was when I brought it in, looks to me like these folks understand how to make the Ferrari ownership experience first class. The price was quite reasonable, as a serious handyman enthusiast I know the work involved (e.g. fuel tank removal for hose replacements), this was very efficient labour, they must know these cars well.

The door to door service is unique as far as I can tell, and made this service unusually convenient.

FYI, the clutch was worn near limits (55,000kms on the original clutch!), and the new clutch has a lighter spring action and gives quite a dramatic improvement in the cars feel. Since I use the car as a rush hour commuter in the summer months, I am grateful for the slave cylinder catch, would have left me stranded. No matter how well one knows ones car, no substitute for a thoughtful expert.

GT earned my business, and will get it going forward. I intend to continue to have the most pristine and drivable Mondial in Canada!

1979 Ferrari 308 GTS

May 08, 2012 by Larry Warren - 10/23/2010
Car Model: 1979 Ferrari 308 GTS 

I think a 40 minute drive to Gran Turismo in Alliston should be in order. He's rebuilt the engine & tranny on my 308 and just completed a full rebuild on my 400 GT. His shop rates are excellent and the work performed is fabulous. Brett has an outstanding knowledge & comprehension of Ferrari's. I was just there on Thursday to test drive the 400 and am very impressed with the results. He has a good eye for detail. Currently, there is a 308, 360, 456 that was in the shop for a major service & a TR that was in for an engine out major.

1971 Lamborghini Espada

May 08, 2012 by Gary 2010
Car Model: 1971 Lamborghini Espada 

I took the "lira pit" to Brett last fall for a complete engine rebuild !
Naysayers said it could be done there? Met Brett, met Scott met John All good. Gave Scott my workshop manual and he attacked it like a 14 year old on a copy of Penthouse !! 3 months later we fired it up and holy shizer what a engine! Keep in mind unlike a Fcar these old lambos have NO, i said NO valve tolerances so Scott the lowley ol machinist from nowwhere and John the underpaid nothing from somewhere went to work and produced!! and Brett oversaw every single aspect as i visited every single saturday for 3 months to keep abreast of the progress all the way way thru..... was i concerned of course i was ! i had never met any of them before and all I knew was they had bags of experience on aluminum V12s with webers and the price was right.
So now its the end of the season and i have put just over 5000 kms on this motor and did not hold back after the first 1k . I routinely drive this car close to its redline of 7500 rpm for those that have seen it and heard it i need not say more.


The resurrection of Lamborghini Espada 8394!

So today is the day…

She fired up with an urgency of a hooker waiting to be paid !
All temps and pressures according to manual . Needles float gently off the pins. Carbs tuned and octane boost in tank (Octane superior 130 still in transit)) so not sure what Brett used ? Never the less filled it with Shell ultra (no grain fed Sunoco 94 anymore) and didnt take it past 5000 rpm to be safe. Pulled like a freight train. no pings or knocks during hard pushes , then idled thru town for a bit with no problems at all. Oh and have I mentioned the big reason for Lambo ownership ? The glory that is noise! 12cyl, 4 cams and big mother sucking weberinis!! I am one picky MFER and Brett Scott and John should be commended for all the lists upon lists I demanded and their exacting attn to detail . I never met these blokes before and thanks Fchat for the recommendation!!! Here I was first lambo, blown headgasket, etc etc checked out a couple of shops but in the end I decided to go with Granturismo knowing full well they did not have much lambo experience but none the less tones of ferrari 12 cyl weber experience. I did had a good feeling about these guys from the start (BS free zone) and now I feel as if a made some real friends along the way . Gearheads thru and thru. I wil have some pics tommorrow.

1985 Ferrari 308QV Euro Spec

May 08, 2012 by Chris
Car Model: 1985 Ferrari 308QV Euro Spec 

i just wanted to say thank you for the awesome quality work on my newly acquired '85 308qv Euro Spec. The service was awesome and the quality and pride in workmanship was second to none.
They helped me from finding the car in the US, getting it here, dealing with an inaccurate PPI to answering all my questions every step of the way. Truly great service from start to finish.
The engine bay didn't look anything like this when they started!

It just finished it's major service including a valve adjustment, new seats and a Stebro exhaust, plus some other stuff they were able to get sorted out.
Thanks to Brett and Mike for all the hard work. The end product was certainly worth it.
It was worth the drive to Alliston, and the drive home certainly was awesome.

Thanks again.

Chris G., 1985 308 GTSi

On my way back up to see Brett and Mike to have the car checked over after I had put on a few hundred trouble-free km, the alternator packed it in. I kept working my way up the 400 northbound and eventually at top of the bridge over the 400 at highway 89 it shut down. I coasted in to the McDonald's parking lot and called Mike at the shop. I described what happened and he thought it might be the alternator - even though they had tested it both in and out of the car during the service. He brought over some tools, a new battery and got the car started again. I dropped it off at the shop and sure enough, the alternator needed to be re-built. The job was done, and they stood behind their work, even though it wasn't really something they had any ability to control or predict.

It goes even further though. My son and I cruised up for a visit, and when we were there, I just make a comment to Brett that the handbrake didn't hold all that well and is there some kind of adjustment. I told them not to worry about it, but they insisted on putting the car up on the hoist and adjusting the brake. Brett wouldn't accept any pay for the adjustment, even thought it became a little more complicated then they first thought.

Thanks again guys!


1982 Ferrari 308 GTSi

May 08, 2012 by Cheers-Colin Firth - 8/17/2011
Car Model: 1982 Ferrari 308 GTSi 

Greetings Tifosi.

I just got my '82 308GTSi back from Brett at Gran Turismo in Alliston, Ontario (Brettski here on Fchat) and must say that he did a great job. He is a very fair guy to deal with and even helped cut down on the towing bill by meeting the hired flatbed carrying my car part way down the highway to save some travel time.

To turn back the video a few weeks back, I let my son take the car to his high school prom to impress the chickypoos and his buddies. When he came home the car was running fine. I know every single audible sound from this car having put over 12,000 miles on it over the past few years and when he pulled into the driveway all seemed good. A couple of days later when I went out to take the old girl for a spin, she was stumbling and only running on one bank. I notices a little larger than normal puddle of oil in my garage as well.

I put the car up on jack-stands, took off the rear wheel, cleaned up the engine to follow the leak, changed the oil, filter, plugs, checked all of the fuses and even picked up Birdman's fuse-blocks (thanks Jonathan-the installation was very easy) thinking that maybe there was an electrical gremlin from the 30 year old original blocks with their plastic fuses. Still no fire on one bank. That is when I noticed the source of the oil leak from the cylinder head right where the distributor shaft is.

Had a couple of mechanics friends look at the car but they were gun shy to get into the suspected ignition problems due to a lack of experience with these cars. I ended up pulling the pin and calling Brett who is the closest shop to my hometown that knows older Ferraris. Brett had done some work on the car a few years back and I was comfortable in dealing with him knowing his growing reputation for good work.

Brett had the car for a few weeks (busy time of year) and discovered that the intake cam seal leak had worked its way onto the distributor shaft and blew out the rotor, distributor and spread electrical gremlins to the digiplex causing it to short out. It took a little time to track down a used and working condition digiplex but Brett found one at a reasonable price. The cams had to come out the opposite side of the engine due to space restrictions and of course that involved pulling the belts.

While Brett's mechanic was in there, I ended up getting the injectors cleaned out, a little leak on one of the cooling pipe connections and a couple of other minor issues cleared from the 2 do list. Brett even saved me some time on a Friday afternoon by meeting me an hour from his shop where we moved the car from his trailer to mine.

I have since put a couple hundred miles on the old girl and it is running like new. I have noticed that with the TLC given to the injectors, the car pulls even stronger than before, and there are no leaks, no worries and no issues.

Just wanted to give a public thanks to Brett for the great job he did. His motto is "Committed to preserving the marque" and that is exactly what he did for me.

1984 Ferrari 308 QV

May 08, 2012 by Ed Schincariol - 9/16/2011
Car Model: 1984 Ferrari 308 QV 

Well I have to say, I have to relay my latest, and most pleasant, Ferrari service experience. Gran Turismo in Alliston Ontario is AWESOME. He came recommended to me by other Fchatters and FCA members and I have to say i was not disappointed. We were off to a good start when he made the effort to drive down to the city to have a look at the 84 308QV that I had. Right from the beginning the vibes were good. We had a very frank discussion about timing and costs and what my expectations were and I have to say.....the only thing that was exceeded were my expectations.
Bravo Brett and John......Thanks!!!!

1975 Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

May 08, 2012 by Jim Fits
Car Model: 1975 Ferrari 365 GT4 

ll as Brett has mentioned in this thread, i picked up my new-to-me my 365 GT4 2+2, serial # 18676, on Sept. 25th...

So far the Ferrari experience has been simply incredible. I was fortunate to find FChat and stumble into the deal with Brett. Next summer I plan on driving the ALCAN with the wife and two kids. It should be a great trip! Well Brett, thanks for all the hard work you guys did on the car. You took the car from a non-running state to a fully functional beast! I wonder how many cars that started out like this one are never finished and scrapped or parted out? I think you guys really did justice to not only the 365/400 series but Ferrari in in general...your guys have done some great work!
The exhaust is incredible, it makes the Daytona in Gumball Rally sound lame. The throttle response is instant. The suspension has been pretty much completely replaced and the ride and handling reflect all of the new parts. This has been an incredible experience for me. Just look at the pictures of where the car was when Brett started on it, today it is a driving snarling beast!
I feel excited and in a way proud of the fact that a Ferrari has been brought back from a dissembled non running bunch of pieces! I want to add a huge thank you to Gran Turismo !!!

Jim F., 1973 365 GT4 2+2

1989 Lancia Thema 8.32

May 08, 2012 by Beev
Car Model: Ferrari Powered Lancia Thema 8.32 

I have nothing but excellent things to say about Gran Turismo's communication with their clients. They treat every car as if it were theirs and they treat clients as they too like to be treated.
I always get a fast response by using Veronica and Brett's personal email ( or by phone at 705-435-1990. Heck, I even have their personal cell phone number and their home address...they are very accessible.

Yesterday, I took delivery of my wife's Bertone X 1/9 that GT Auto has been doing a mechanical rebuild on and it was delivered on time and both Brett and Veronica were on hand to make sure I was completely satisfied...AND I WAS!!

Great job again Gran Turismo.

Beev, 1989 Lancia Thema 8.32



While waiting for the CIS shop to schedule the car in, Brett lost patience,invested in equipment, and had Mike study the 60+ page CIS testing protocol in the Lancia shop manual. THIS IS NOT CIS LIKE FOUND IN NORTH AMERICAN FERRARI AND MERCEDES but a more complex system with different bits and pieces found only on Swiss market 1988 Mondials and some Euro Benz in the 80s. With the generous help of Larry Fletcher over the phone from Alabama, the problem was isolated to the EHA module which sits on the side of the fuel distributor. Larry coached Mike on how to rebuild/reset the unit to factory spec for optimum performance, and man, WHAT A DIFFERENCE!
A retired Lancia service tech in the UK said we found one of the most difficult to isolate running issues with these cars. He called the issue a "cryptic diagnosis" and said the EHA for the Thema 8.32 is unavailable now and totally un rebuildable and not adjustable. He was amazed to hear of Larry,s technique and innovative solution to keep these great cars running optimally.
GranTurismo is now equipped to diagnose and fix CIS equipped cars, even those with exotic versions, and I think it would be fair to say that the patience and professionalism that Mike exhibitted throughout this difficult diagnosis says much about his dedication to his craft. He ruled out all electrical issues first, which is exactly what Bosch recommends, since most CIS issues end up being the result of deficiencies in eletrical functions in the vehicles. I keep saying that mike has just graduated from CIS university with a "PHD in CIS and EHA"

ALSO, thankyou everyone who have provided ideas to help diagnose, including Tom, Larry, and especially Paul Newman for keeping us focussed on CIS and providing me with moral support and research leads.

I write this from the cottage where the Thema 8.32 and I are enjoying some spirited driving the hilly and twisty roads of the Haliburton Highlands


Paul "beev", 1989 Mancia Thema 8.32


Although we have heard great things in other recent threads about the Gran Turismo vehicle service experience, I feel compelled to write another thread about the great experience i have just had with Brett (Gran Turismo)

I recently took my Lancia Thema 8.32 to Brett for a "major Ferrari service"

For a Ferrari newbie like myself, I was somewhat concerned ( and rightly so)with the thought of a major service and what hidden problems may be found and what kind of cost overruns i could be facing, not to mention whether or not the car would ever run again, as neccessary parts sourcing was a challenge.

The basics of the Lancia by Ferrari engine are the same as that found in the 308 with some modifications to accommodate being stuffed in a front wheel drive platform that was designed for a small turbo 6. These differences posed a challenge and Gran Turismo headed straight into uncharted one knew where we would end up and that scared the hell out of me.

Parts were sourced from England, Germany, USA, Italy and South Africa. We decided not to do the water pump ($2300 just for the pump) but will manufacture an adapter and electric pump when the time comes for replacement.

Brett and Mike from Gran Turismo made countless calls and emails to service technicians in Europe for guidance and direction.

It was a strange experience seeing the car with the front missing and the engine stripped down for what appeared to be open heart surgery.

When everything got buttoned up at the end, some of the electrical quirks of Lancia reared their head with error codes etc. , but although it surely tested the patience of Brett and Mike and Veronica, they did not abandon ship...they kept on trooping and calling experts abroad. Part of the electrical "stress" was the result of the alternator rebuilder changing regulators to his preferred type rather than sticking with the original a result the headers must be removed again when the regulator is sourced, dipstick tube removed etc. to once again be able to remove the alternator to change the regulators which should clear the final error code.
In the mean time I have run in many hundreds of wonderful kms. and everything is working beautifully.

As expected in this type of work and the first time Lancia-Ferrari major service for any shop in North America, the labour hours grew to a " bring me to my knees" rate...but Mike and Brett and Veronica looked at the project as a valuable learning experience, that broadens their expertise with exotics.... and they came to a very reasonable compromise on their investment in time and energy.

They are truly special at Gran Turismo, and i would encourage anyone looking for quality and expert service to make their way to Alliston.


Gran Turismo 705-435-1990 119 Wellington St. E Alliston ON, L9R 1G7 Canada 5.0 5.0 10 10 Gran Turismo recently rebuilt the motor in my 365 gt4 2+2, top and bottom end, addressed the second gear synchro in my transmission, fixed the rear diff, and those are just the big